The Benefit of Learning Centers

HCI Cancer Learning Center

HCI Learning Center

In 1991, when Mark was at Western Rehab after our automobile accident, the internet was unheard of so went to their Resource Center. This facility mostly cared for stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients so their Resource Center was full of material on those two topics. I wanted information that would help prepare me for our circumstances. I wanted to learn how I could be helpful and supportive for Mark, so I checked out books concerning TBI.

While I was in the Resource Center, I noticed a video (yes, this is before the days of DVD’s) on how to transfer a patient to the wheel chair. It felt like we were always waiting for two aides to be available to transfer Mark, so I checked it out and watched it that night. The next morning when I went back to Western Rehab I told the physical therapist I’d like to try to transfer Mark. Since I had just recovered from a broken collarbone (from our accident) she questioned my strength. I told her I thought I could do it and told her I’d watched the step by step video. She was willing to work with me and it went well. The video gave me the confidence I needed to ask if I could start transferring him. The disadvantage of my learning to do this was Mark then preferred me to do all transfer. So if the aides wanted to transfer him, he would ask them to wait until I got there.

HCI BooksKnowledge gives you power and the unknown becomes less fearful. When my daughter, Katie, was at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, I saw their amazing Learning Center. You can check out books, audiobooks, CDs, videos and DVDs for free. You can get answers to questions about cancer topics and help prepare for your next medical visit.  You can learn about types of cancer, treatments and side effects, alternative treatments, coping and caregiving. The free library is beautiful and opened to everyone. You can email them at or call toll free 1-888-424-2100.

I called the Learning Center and told them about my blog and that I was interested in information about caregiving. The librarian was informative and helpful. She emailed the following links:

Helpful Websites

Caregiving Materials



Advanced Cancer/End of Life

You can search other topics by using their online library catalog at  (Select “Search Our Library” on the left-hand side).

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3 thoughts on “The Benefit of Learning Centers

  1. We used to have one here up at the old hospital before the new hospital moved in and shut it down.
    Now thank goodness I have the internet to do research on.

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