Today’s Choices Shape Tomorrow

Today's choices

Three caregiving tips I gained from Dianne’s Story, Caregiving Reflections:

1)      Share the responsibility. After three years of taking care of her aging parents, Dianne proposed a plan to her siblings. Each would take one day to fill the needs of their parents.  Dianne took the extra day in the week meaning she had two days instead of the five to seven that we had been trying to cover before.

2)      Set limits to your time. Dianne’s siblings all had full-time employment which meant many times the assigned person for that day had a work or personal conflict. Because Dianne lived close by, she was often called to fill in when it was hard for others. As the primary caregiver, it is important to set limits and enforce them so you don’t get burnt out.

3)      Live without regrets. Dianne doesn’t have any regrets when it comes to the time and efforts she spent caring for her parents for over five years. She realizes she did her best to fill their needs and appreciates the time she spent with them. I was especially impressed that the family continued checking on their mother even when she was in a care center. I’ve seen many lonely people in care centers because their family does not visit them or make sure they are getting the necessary care.


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