My Father Didn’t Tell Me

MyFather (2) Our daughter, Katie is a graphic designer and owns Graphic Forte. She designed this saying along with many others shared on Thursday Thoughts. She shared her story last Sunday, Dad Creating Beauty After Tragedy. I appreciated her story and that she realizes not only did the scene of her life drastically change by the car accident, but so had her dad’s. He is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and she has learned much from him. I’m so grateful she has memories of her dad before the accident. I use to worry the kids would not remember their dad as I did because of their young age.

Katie states, “As a seven-year-old child through adulthood I saw my dad use his tragic and life-changing disturbance to create a new kind of beauty.” She learned important lessons from him, not because he told her, but through his example.

She learned, “the value of perseverance as he pushed through strenuous therapy as he learned to feed himself and speak again.”

He showed her “how burdens can be lightened by having a sense of humor. He often told people the scar on his stomach from the feeding tube he had was really a second bellybutton, which made him ‘twice the man.’”

I now understand the benefits of taking our children daily to the rehab center. Not only did the kids grow from Mark’s example, but the kids encouraged him and gave him reason to work hard at regaining every ability. Mark’s rehabilitation was a family affair and in an unusual way, or at least one we wouldn’t have chosen, it made our family closer than we might have been otherwise.

I know we continue to benefit from Mark’s example—actions do speak louder than words.

We’re looking forward to the next Sunday Story and reading how the transformation affected Katie’s life throughout her teen years and as an adult.