A Father’s Job

Joy of DadIn Katie’s Sunday Story, Dad Creating Beauty After Tragedy – Part II she states, “We were quietly eating when I looked around the crowded room and realized my dad was the only person there in a wheelchair. I wondered if that ever bothered him. My thoughts were interrupted when my dad sat up in his chair with a big smile on his face and declared, ‘I’m the luckiest guy here!’

‘Why?’ I asked.

He replied, ‘Because I’m sitting next to the two most beautiful women in this room.’ Dad’s so busy looking for the good in every situation he doesn’t have time to notice the bad.”

My favorite trait about Mark, is that he always looks for the good and is so complimentary. He rarely complains and loves to uplift others, especially the ladies!

Mark’s nickname for Katie is Princess, and he treats her as such. Before Katie and Eldin’s engagement, Mark gently reminded Eldin that he calls Katie Princess. Eldin understood Mark’s meaning and what he expected of him. Eldin replied, “I agree, she is one.” Fortunately, he hasn’t disappointed us in their eleven years of marriage and we are grateful he treats her as one.

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