Owen and Hatchi’s Story

I love animals and know that much comfort comes from pets. I’ve seen service dogs make a big difference in a person’s life. Mark used to work with a lady who had advanced cerebral palsy. She had a service dog with a small dog size backpack that carried her lunch and other supplies for her.

A few years ago, I was at a conference for family and professionals of traumatic brain injury and was sitting next to a man in a power wheelchair and his two dogs. During the lecture he leaned over and asked me to get the door for him. His dogs were warning him a seizure was coming and he needed to leave the room. I asked if there was anything more I could do. “The dogs will take care of me,” he said. After the class I walked out of the room and noticed the man lying on the floor sleeping, while the dogs sat by him on guard.

Last fall our neighbors smart dog warned his owners that Mark was going down the steep hill in his manual wheelchair. His continued barking towards the hill alerted them and they ran to help Mark. We are grateful for Cooper’s great sense of trouble.

Dogs not only make great companions, they are wonderful helpmates. I hope you enjoy this touching story.