Writing for Past, Present and Future

writingloveI appreciate the comments left after a blogpost. It’s feedback on how an article was received by a reader, which can be eye opening. I also enjoy answering questions. On my last post, Conflicting Viewpoints, a reader commented, “This all feels so traumatic to read. Do you ever get PTSD just writing this?”

My answer is a definite no. I find writing is therapeutic and I recommend it for everyone. Your style and story may be completely different than mine, but I believe no matter what you’re going through it can help you see things more clearly. There is an insightful power in writing down words which describe how you feel or what you want to accomplish. It assists in sorting out as well as improving the understanding of your feelings. Most of all it helps me to recognize my blessings as I objectively look at what has or is happening.

As soon as my collarbone had healed and my right arm was free from the sling, I started writing and keeping record of Mark’s progress. They were baby steps—small, wobbly with frequent falls, but through my writing records I could see the progress. At the time, writing it down helped me stay focused on the positive. I’m glad I have it now to look back on because it makes me realize just how far Mark has come and what a miracle his life and recovery truly are. I don’t want to forget where we’ve been because that would lessen the value of where we are.

Writing is a good way to plan for the future. When you want to accomplish something, writing it down is a first step in achieving it. After you write the goal, it becomes visible and clear, no longer just something you think about. Writing the plan will help you prioritize the order of steps needed to make your goal a reality. A person who is trying to lose weight will benefit if they record their weight and the food they eat. By writing it down, one becomes more aware of what they are putting into their mouth. No more mindless eating. Writing provides tangible evidence and can show you why you are or are not making progress. You guessed it—I’m a list maker for everything, from household chores to my work schedule, even writing down my exercise plan and accomplishments encourages me. I also believe there is a benefit in writing a meal plan, but I haven’t worked on that yet. That is my next goal.

writing2Almost twenty-four years have passed since our car accident. When I look back, I rejoice in how far we’ve come. I’m in awe at how all the pieces came together to get us to the point we are now. Our trials and grief may come from different sources, but we all have them. My experience with writing about them improves our understanding and facilitates getting through them. I hope my writing encourages others, because if I can endure, I know they can. I don’t want to forget where we’ve been because when I’m discouraged about life, I can look back at what I’ve written and realize we’ve made it this far and that gives me courage to keep going.

Have you tried writing your story or a goal and steps to accomplish it? What impact did it have on you?

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