A Great Attitude

Bad attitudeThis quote reminds me of Evey. Her great attitude is so inspiring. I believe it’s the driving force which helps her accomplish the things she does. She lives with a rod along her spine that has to be expanded every couple of months. Every movement must be difficult and uncomfortable. Yet she smiles and is not a complainer. She’s happy and enjoyable to be around. Thank you, Evey, for the lessons you teach me. One of my favorites is the one I used for the Thought for Today: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

Evey's Rods

Cally Johnson recently shared on Facebook this picture of Evey’s MAGEC rods along with this comment: “This helps me keep perspective on what I think my real problems are. This technology will never cease to amaze me and the fact that Evey smiles and is as happy as can be makes her my personal hero.”

We can all learn from Evey’s attitude! Thanks Cally for giving me permission share.

What thoughts can you share today?

2 thoughts on “A Great Attitude

  1. We all have our journeys, and we grow from knowing where others are going and what boulders are in their way–and what obstacles they’ve overcome. I’m glad for the internet and Facebook, so we can share so easily.

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