Simply Be There

If, you know someone who has mastered listening, I bet you appreciate them. They are in tune to how you speak and what you mean. Sometimes they know just what you need or want even though you haven’t expressed it. Some people listen completely, not just hearing what you say, but are absorbing body language and tone of voice to know whether to listen in silence or when advice is wanted.

Often times it’s hard to figure out what another person needs, especially when we’re not completely listening. Sometimes being there for someone simply means making yourself available in silence, making the other feel cared for and supported. Be there for someone by being invested in them. Care because they are a part of you and you feel what they feel. Embrace them when they’re happy, embrace them when they’re sad. Listen to know when they need to be held tightly or when they need some space.

Do you know someone who has mastered listening? Are you a good listener?

Cared For

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