New Hope

neuroworxWe’ve looked forward to the completion of Neuroworx for nearly a year. Today I toured this new facility for outpatient therapy and wellness program. I’m so excited! It was everything I’d hoped for. I had the pleasure of  meeting with Dr. Dale B. Hull, who currently serves as the executive director of Neuroworx. “He graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine in 1985. Following graduation, he completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Utah Medical Center. He practiced general obstetrics and gynecology for ten years in the south portion of the Salt Lake metropolitan area.

dalehullIn 1999, he suffered a spinal-cord injury that resulted in paralysis from the neck down. This life-altering event, which prevented him from returning to active practice, required Dr. Hull to devote approximately three-and-a-half years to his rehabilitation. His physical therapist during this time was Jan Black.
He was fortunate to have an early return of neurological function. With hard work and Jan’s expert guidance, he was able to take advantage of that return to make significant progress.
janblackDale and Jan realized there was an unmet need to provide others with access to the extraordinary rehabilitation he had experienced. He joined his therapist in forming a non-profit organization and opening Neuroworx in 2004.
During 2002, Dale had the opportunity to be an Olympic torch bearer for the Salt Lake Winter Olympics. In 2009, he completed an underwater marathon in the Neuroworx pool to commemorate the ten-year mark of his injury. Dr. Hull is married and has four sons.”


“What is Neuroworx?

Neuroworx is a nonprofit, community-based, outpatient physical therapy clinic focusing on neurological rehabilitation for individuals experiencing paralysis from spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and stroke.

We also offer a limited pediatric therapy program for children with neurological conditions requiring specialized care and equipment.


Our mission is to promote the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions and to create and support the finest comprehensive neurological rehabilitation facility in the region.

We will:

  • Develop a comprehensive plan for restorative and functional rehabilitation
  • Provide superior equipment & expertise for as long as necessary
  • Focus on the individual by providing customized care
  • Generate the greatest level of independence & recovery possible
  • Extend our reach to all who need access to care–regardless of resources


Check out the amazing KSL documentation on 08/27/15. It is definitely worth the watch.

Another KSL documentation recorded on 09/26/13.

Guess where Mark will be doing outpatient therapy?

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