The Recharge Button

Overwhelmed1On Tuesday, I shared part of Kerrie Neu’s address on A Caregiver’s Button Box. Taking time for ourselves to recharge helps us cope with stress and increases our ability to handle the challenges. The recharge button is whatever brings you joy, helps you feel nourished and engaged.

My favorite tips from the presentation were:

1. Exercise increases endorphins to help you stay positive and happy. It may be as simple as a walk around the block, or may need to be a workout at the gym. Going on a bicycle ride with a friend is a mini vacation for me.

2. Doing something creative brings growth and change. The enjoyment can cause us to get lost in the experience. For Father’s Day, I wrote an article Daddy’s Girl.  I started it after I got Mark into bed. I admit it was later than it should’ve been. I was so engrossed in the memories, words and looking for the right pictures that before I realized how much time had passed, I heard birds chirping and noticed the sun chasing the darkness away. It took me by surprise. I had worked on the article through the night and didn’t once notice the time. I’m not recommending, or plan on repeating such an event, but I recognized how much I relish in writing. I may need to set a timer to keep me from repeating the incident.

3. Each of our needs are different. What brings joy to one, may bring stress to another.

Shoe fit

4. When life circumstances change, we may need to modify our recharge buttons.


5. For more ideas that may refresh and replenish us, Kerrie shared information she found on Twilight InsightThis is an enlightening website for anyone dealing  with traumatic brain injury. Click for instant ideas on selecting a hobby, where to go for hobbies or, a list of hobbies, and more.

6. More great websites to checkout:



JoyThanks, Kerrie Neu, for the great pointers.

I’d like to know, what brings you joy and recharges you?



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