For Health’s Sake—Make a Date

My sister-in-law, Jerrie shared how she fits in her workout. “I’m no expert, but I will share what I have learned. I workout 6 days per week. The only way this happens is through planning, because as we all know willpower does not exist. Each week I look at my calendar for the next 7 days and write my work-out on my schedule. Sometimes it is in the morning because I won’t have time at night; usually it is in the evening after work because I do not like to work-out in the morning. I think of it as scheduling an appointment with myself. Each night I let my husband know my schedule for the next day so he can plan his time.

Exercise lifts my mood and gives me a sense of accomplishment in addition to all the physical benefits. I never “feel” like working out but I’m always glad I did!”

I think it’s so impressive that Jerrie exercises six days a week because she has osteoarthritis. I’m sure she often doesn’t feel like exercising. Not only does her workout help her look great, it keeps her moving. Thanks for your inspiring words.

I thought if Jerrie can do this, I should be able to do it. I realize my two options are first thing in the morning or last at night—before or after I get Mark in bed. I chose first thing in the morning and made a schedule that looks like this for me:

January 2014

I also made a calendar for February and March—so I’m committed to three months of this scheduled date with myself.

Two of my Weight Training Cards look like this.

Upper Body Exercises

Upper Body Exercises

I have a great book, Body for Life by, Bill Phillips and Michael D’Orso. There are at least 40 exercises with pictures and description in the book. I copied the ones I was interested in doing. Each exercise has it’s own card, (two cards are shown above) laminated with a picture and description on one side and a record sheet for the weight and repetitions, taped on the other side .This way I can see my progress and when I fill up one Record Sheet, I can pull it off and add a new one.

My Record Sheet:

Weight Record

I’m no expert either, but I’m planning on winning this battle. Now that I’ve told you about it; have a plan of what to do; and will keep record of it—I’m committed and motivated! I’m only two days into to this program but it’s a good start. When the alarm goes off, I’ve made a commitment to myself and you—so I’ll get up and workout.

Feel free to join me and let me know about your plan and progress.