Share a Sweet Reward

BIAU Family Award

BIAU Family Award

Why is it so hard to accept a compliment or recognition? It always makes me feel uncomfortable and awkward. I never know how to respond, so I usually just say “thank you” and change the subject as quickly as possible. Then I hope the giving person realizes how much it means to me.

I recognize that no matter the accomplishment, I didn’t earn it on my own. Without God, family and friends, I am nothing.

Maybe, self-consciously I’m worried that if I take it in and enjoy it, like any sweet dessert, I may become over indulgent. Like when I take a bite of a brownie, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. The gratification is instant but the satisfaction doesn’t last. It was so good, I need another. Most desserts have the same effect on me.

I had a deliciously sweet experience last week at the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah Annual Family and Professional Conference. During lunch time, I received the Family Award. Mark Fox, a therapist who worked with my Mark twenty-two years ago, presented me the beautiful plaque. I was honored and so surprised.

When I look at the plaque, I think of all our family members and friends who have given much of their time to help and support us.  They also deserve this plaque. It bears my name, but I see theirs in it too.

Our thoughtful daughter, Katie, realized this as well. She threw a surprise dinner celebration for us and honored family members and volunteers who come and help Mark with exercises. Most of them were there. They are the wind beneath our wings.

photoTo all caregivers I personally know: I understand your unconditional love and the necessary attention to those in your care that seems to go unrecognized most days. I feel your exhaustion for the endless care, and worry. I know you sacrifice your time, putting their needs before your own. I share this plaque with you.

I can think of dozens I know who deserve this plaque. We give devotion and dedicated service, not for recognition but because we love unconditionally.  However, the recognition is sweet and gratifying, and the satisfaction will be lasting. I am honored and want to share this sweet award with you.