Tips For a Good Parent

ABC's of a Good Mom

This is a great reminder for every mother and father who wants to improve on their parenting skills. When I read this, I thought of Susan Ferguson, who is my son-in-law’s mother. Her life influenced so many people. She was a compassionate, professional caregiver as a nurse for many years. I’ve heard about the many kind deeds she did while nursing. Just as important, if not more, I know she was an amazing mother and wife by the way her husband and children revere her. I only met her twice, but I admire her for the positive influence she had on her children, particularly my son-in-law, Eldin. I don’t think she insisted on him eating vegetables, but I’ll bet she did all the other ABCs of a good mom, especially making good memories.

Usually our children live beyond us. Hopefully, they will appreciate and honor us always as a caring parent, just as Susan’s children do her.