Dad, I Love You


Dad holding me. Rosanne & Mick on the porch.

Dad, I love you and do you know why?

Because of that special gleam in your eye,

Which tells me something significant and true:

That I’m an important part of you.




Mom & Dad

Mom and Dad 2014


I love you because I know there’s no other,

That you love more than the one I call mother.

I love you because you are always there,

Extending a hand to show that you care.



My first filly, Ginger, a dream come true



I love you for all the things that you teach

Like nothing I want should be out of reach.

You’ve taught me to work and to save my money

For things that I want to make my life sunny.



Dad riding Chili the mother of Ginger. I love the hard hat he always wore.


I love you because you are honest and strong;

You’re courageous and steady when things go wrong.

I love you because in your steps I can trod,

Because I know you’re clearly a man of God.


2014, One of Dad’s many talents, leading music.


Dad, I love you and do you know why?

Because as a man you are never shy.

You’re friendly to everyone you meet,

And as a friend, you just can’t be beat.





2008, Mark and Dad

I love you because your in-laws you truly love,

Making them fit in the family like a glove.

And with your grandkids you always have fun

With work or rain, but mainly snow and sun.



Dad & I Snowmobiling

1980, Dad and I


I love you for these and so many other reasons;

Thank you for all the joy—no matter the season.

For dancing, camping, horses and snowmobiles too,

Boats, 4 wheelers and swimming, just to name a few.


Dad, 2015

2013, Dad on his backhoe



I love you for being the perfect dad for me.

I value your opinion and your wisdom I see.

You listen while I hash out my crazy ideas,

Then you help me achieve them, I cannot tell fibs.


Dad and Mark

1980, Dad & Mark boating

I’m the luckiest gal ever, I know,

Because I have a dad that loves me so.

And I married a man a lot like my dad,

They’re the best of friends for which I’m so glad.


Dad, Mark & I

2009, Me with Mark and Dad


I love you both and do you know why?

Because as fathers you’re quite the guys.

And because on earth you’re what fathers should be,

I’m blessed to be yours through eternity.



Joy of DadHappy Father’s Day!

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Life is Sweeter with Friends

One Friend

The world would be a dark and lonely place without friends and we can learn so much from others. Lynne and Craig Zabriskie are an example of strangers reaching out to me, which had a positive impact on my life. Even though they had their own struggles with rehab and recovery, they took time to befiend me. Their experience gave them the ability to truly empathize with what I was going through. I learned from them that your own burdens are lightened when you reach out to help another. Their example has encouraged me to do the same for others.

I realize when I’m focused on my own problems it’s easy to feel abandoned by people. As my thoughts and energy are focus inward on what I need and not on what others may need, I feel alone. Those are unhappy days and days I need to remember that to have a good friend, I need to be a good friend.

Spreading the love to those around you can make a difference in someone’s life today and every day. You don’t need an excuse or a special day to show someone you care. If one friend can change your whole life, how many lives can you change by being a friend?

Think of friendship in terms of sugar. The body has a natural need for sugar, but as we eat balanced meals this need can be met. Fruits, vegetables and other foods naturally produce the sugar that our bodies require. If we’re eating a mixture of healthy foods, we don’t need to add more sugar to our diet. Likewise, we shouldn’t depend on just one person to meet all of our needs. If we depend on one, we are doomed for disappointment and miss out on other great friendships. A variety of friends will make life sweeter. When we are engaged in healthy relationships such as family, friends, community, and others—then we will naturally receive love from a diversity of sources. Of course, it is difficult to have totally healthy relationships with everyone all of the time, which is why it’s important to have an assortment of relationships. Just like it isn’t healthy to eat only one type of food, it isn’t healthy to rely on one person to fulfill all your needs—especially if that one person is you.

In order to feel love, acceptance and understanding, you must be able to give the same to someone else. To have a friend, you must be one and one can change your whole life.