Let it Snow!

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As far as I can see, our world is draped in white. Everything looks so fresh and clean.  The trees, bushes, and homes along our street look beautiful in their new bleached attire. I’ve enjoyed the sun and not needing a coat outside, but It seems very strange for January. The anticipation of this cold outburst made me appreciate it all the more! I was a little sad when the snowplow made its way down our street this morning. The covered streets looked peaceful, void of cars, and I imagined the quiet morning the storm provided each family by the appearance of being snowed in.

The last few snowflakes dropping calmly from the sky were not in a hurry to make a landing. They appeared to be enjoying their slow, belated trip with graceful twirls that made for a fun dance to watch, reminding me of the value in embracing the journey. They performed with a peaceful solitude, without care they didn’t make it with the crowd of snowflakes earlier. It is a reminder of the calm I feel when I’m not comparing my life to another and the time it takes to complete a goal. I’m happiest when I’m not in competition and applaud others for their accomplishments.

After the snowplow awakened our street, I watched the neighborhood kids outside making a slide for their sleds. My mind drifted back to the fond memories of my childhood, sledding down many hills. Then I recalled my children making forts, snowmen and a snow hill on the slide Mark built on their swing set for a fun winter inner-tube slide.

yellowstone-snowmobiling-bison-wildlife-1280x853In my youth, my parents bought snowmobiles and Yellowstone during the Christmas school break became our annual vacation spot. To me the ride was more thrilling than any in Disneyland, with beauty unlike anywhere else. The bubbling hot pots and geysers were colorful and stood out on the white canvas. The intense heat from nature’s tubs kept the snow melted around them, making an easy place for the wildlife to graze. These beautiful pictures are forever etched in my brain. Fortunately, this tradition lasted into the first few years of our marriage, so Mark was able to enjoy this winter wonderland with us.

Since the car accident, which rendered Mark wheelchair dependent, we usually stay indoors during the winter months unless I’m shoveling the driveway or driving to a destination. It’s been many years since I’ve played in the snow. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of the fun it can provide.

I sent Katie and Eldin a text. “Would you like to build a snowman in the back yard? Hot chocolate, dinner and a movie are also possibilities.” To my delight, our 33-year-old daughter accepted my invitation. The snow was powdery and nearly impossible to pack and we are seriously out of practice in how to build a snowman. Katie came up with a brilliant idea of making an igloo instead. I thought about her Barbie and Ken dolls I have in storage and how fun it would be to put them inside the igloo. It was getting cold and this would take more time to dig out. We opted for the Fisher Price family instead.

Life is about memories. Sometimes I’m so wrapped up in my caregiving responsibilities I forget to enjoy the journey. There are experiences I know I’m missing out on and under our circumstances are impossible for me to do. I’m grateful for slow, peaceful snowflakes after our first winter storm, which reminded me to embrace my life without comparing or being in competition with anyone other than myself. An igloo isn’t the snowman we set out to create, but the event of being together was still fulfilling and made for an amusing memory.

Yes, snowmen are cute and I still hope to build one sometime this winter. For now, I’ll enjoy the ones that adorn the inside of our home. I love snow for its beauty and the possibilities it creates for play. The memories of winters past and present are cherished. I appreciate snow from indoors too. With the fire burning and the quiet, peaceful feeling of being home bound, I’m provided with the perfect opportunity to write. So tonight, inside our warm, cozy home I’m singing, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!