Celebrate Life

Three months

Three months old

November 12, 1955 a wonderful woman brought a sweet baby boy into this world and made it a better place. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK WILSON!

He’s so: Adorable, Bright, Courageous, Daring, Ethical, Fun, Gentle, Humorous, Inventive, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Miraculous, Notable, Original, Positive, Quotable, Righteous, Silly, Terrific, Unified, Valiant, Wonderful, Xtraordinary, Youthful, Zany.

One year old

First birthday

Thank you, Wanda Wilson, for this special person. We’re grateful for the care and love given, and regret so many miles are between us. We love and appreciate all you do.

  • Two years old

Three years old

Mark and Wanda

Mark (8)

Wanda holding sister, Jerrie (1), Karen (2) on Mark's 11th birthday

Wanda holding sister, Jerrie (1), Karen (2) on Mark’s 11th birthday

Mark (13) with his sisters Karen (3), Jerrie (2)

Mark (13) with his sisters Karen (3), Jerrie (2)

Jerrie, Mark, Karen with Christopher (2) 1984 trip to Washington

Jerrie, Mom, Mark- 2013 trip to Washington

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Life

  1. Thanks for sharing the life of Mark with us during those years when we did not know him. He is a darling! Happy Birthday Brother.

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