Don’t Share the Bug

bug notEven when I don’t feel good, it’s hard to stay home when there are places to go and people to see. Isn’t it customary to push the limits? The last thing I want to do is share this bug and besides, I’ve been places many times where sick people were pushing their limits to attend an event. Their coughing and sneezing always makes me wished they would’ve stayed home.

As a caregiver it’s hard not to share the bug with those who depend on us. When I feel least like cleaning — it’s most important that I do. I love those disinfecting wipes, they make it so easy. I try to keep TV remotes, door knobs, phone, key boards, handles, just about anything that I touch, clean with the disinfecting wipes. If I use a sponge, I zap it in the microwave, but beware: a dry sponge can catch fire. Be sure to soak your sponge before you nuke it.

When I transfer Mark in or out of his wheelchair, I remind him that I’m feeling weaker than usual, therefore I need him to do his very best to help. I don’t hold him as close as I usually do and I remind him to look the opposite direction than I am, and no kissing😦. So far so good — he hasn’t caught the bug yet. I know he has a strong immune system, but I like to think these efforts help too.

Since I enjoy using an electric toothbrush and can’t afford to replace it often, I clean it by dipping it (before use) in isopropyl alcohol and then rinsing it with water. I also wash my hands many times during the day to keep from spreading germs.

Please comment and share your tips on how you stay healthy or keep from spreading germs.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Share the Bug

  1. Instead of rubbing alchohol you can use hydrogen peroxide, it kills the bugs and isn’t as yucky if you get it in your mouth. Also taking vitamin c and vitamin d can help keep the immune system strong.

  2. Jodi, I hadn’t thought of hydrogen peroxide, I’ll have to try it. I’m glad you mentioned vitamin C & D, I like to load up on those too. I know eating right and exercise helps also, but it’s hard to do this time of year.

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